About Gina




Gina's Unique Process

Gina Pearce is an interior decorator and certified life coach with more than 15 years of experience in the creative world. She completed her design education at The Interior Design Institute and is a Certified Interior Decorator. As owner of Gina Pearce-Decorating Den Interiors, Gina brings her expertise and love of all things interior design to the greater Utica area.

As a certified integrative holistic life coach, Gina’s holistic approach to design and well-being led to the creation of her unique Design Possibility Process. The Design Possibility Process helps clients achieve maximum functionality and an environment that evokes contentment and happiness.

“I believe that our physical environment impacts our emotional well-being. We live in a stressful world. Our homes and our offices should be designed in a harmonious manner with color palettes, textiles and furnishings that create a sense of calm, happiness and joy. When we spend time in a space that is in disarray, is in a state of dis-function or disorganization, it causes stress. My most successful client stories involve more than just pretty design—they reflect changes that impact people’s lives. That’s the most fulfilling client result.”

Outside of design, Gina enjoys working on her non-profit, Kristin’s Fund, www.kristinsfund.com, entertaining, traveling and making a beautiful home experience for her family and friends.