Meet Our Team

Gina Pearce, owner of Pearce Home Design, a Decorating Den Interiors company, is an interior decorator with more than 15 years of experience in the creative world. After opening Pearce Home Design in 2016, Gina decided to expand her business by becoming part of Decorating Den Interiors, North America’s leading in-home decorating and furniture franchise, to offer an expansive variety of furniture, lighting, window and wall treatments to meet different tastes and budgets.

“As an interior designer, I help clients avoid costly mistakes by narrowing a world of choices to fit their budget and vision. My process begins with getting to know my clients and understanding their style so I use my skills as an interior decorator to give them homes and offices that reflect their personality. I believe inteior design is a process that evolves from developing a relationship based on trust, respect and realistic expectations. That process begins by meeting in the client’s space, taking samples directly to the client’s home or office, and seeing projects through to completion.”

Gina completed her interior design education at The Interior Design Institute and is a Certified Interior Decorator. Pearce Home Design offers a variety of interior decorating services from the selection of custom furnishings, wall coverings and window treatments, to lighting and decorative accessories. “We live in a chaotic world. We all deserve to have a sense of peace and joy in our surroundings. I want to help people achieve that.”

Gina’s interior decorating business is in New Hartford, where she resides with her husband, Stephen, and her children. In her spare time, she enjoys travel and entertaining. As co-founder of Kristin’s Fund, she is also dedicated to raising funds for domestic violence education and prevention efforts. She can be reached at (315) 507-4827 or (315) 794-4792.