How We Work

Decorating Den Interiors brings a half a century of residential design experience to our clients. With awesome decorating teams and designers throughout the United States and Canada, no project is too big or too small. We have a professional to fit every style and budget. Equipped with over 150 brand name suppliers, resources and manufacturers at our disposal, we meet your aesthetic and functional expectations without going overboard!

The Process

Your home, office or business space is a personal expression of who you are and how you are perceived-an extension of your personality or your brand. In order to best understand who you are, what you like and what you hope to accomplish, we begin the process with a Design Discovery.

The Design Discovery includes a tour of your space, questions about how you use each room, and a series questions and visual presentations to determine your likes and dislikes. The Design Discovery helps us understand your color preferences, your style, your comfort needs and your functional requirements. We will note existing fixtures and finishes and other elements that will be incorporated into the design. In addition, we’ll discuss your budget so that we can prioritize and select items that are most appropriate.

The Budget

Having open and honest conversation about the design budget allows for a smooth process that meets expectations. Whether your project includes one window, one room or an entire house, being transparent about budget is a necessity.

We can accommodate any project size or reasonable budget, but understanding that up front allows us to prioritize, break a project up into phases, and make appropriate design choices as needed.

Next Step

Once the designer understands what will make you happy, what will make you comfortable and what fits in your budget, a scope of work will follow. This will include a breakdown of the project for all to review. Each step in the process is designed to keep communication open and the project on track.

Final Stages

Once we’ve completed the Design Discovery and established a budget and scope of work, the fun begins. We will put together a comprehensive plan which often includes a 3D floor plan and room renderings, fabric swatches, photos of furnishings, finish samples, paint swatches, etc.

Once the client is comfortable with all selections, we ask for a down payment and then order the selected items. When they arrive, our team will install and deliver–leaving you to sit back and enjoy your new decor.